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Kids parties
Ellie and Lottie

Ellie and Lottie's Kids Parties 
Our kids parties are great for all ages and genders, from those who love to run around and clap their hands, to those who can pull out some serious moves on the dance floor!
Both Ellie and Lottie are professional dancers with over 10 years experience in teaching kids dance.
No dance experience necessary, these parties will be sure to keep you smiling from ear to ear from beginning to end!
Happy Kids

We cover all of Surrey & London


What’s included?


  • Our parties are all about the birthday child/children. They choose the theme, the music, even their favourite dance moves and we put together a schedule that will keep everyone entertained until pick up. 

  • To start, we play a popular dance game. This is where we get to really see those killer moves! Everybody loves it, everyone gets involved and it sets the tone for the party perfectly.

  • Now it’s time to get the party really started and learn your dance! With your chosen song we have choreographed your dance  especially for the event, taking the boy/girl ratio, age, theme etc all in to consideration.

  • All those funky moves means it’s time to refuel. As the kids eat, drink and have some chill time, we take them one by one and transform them into their colourful alter egos. Glitter, skin gems, hair gel and hair colour are on the menu. We have a great add on option of our low level picnic tables, dressed to your party theme for the guests to feast around.

  • Game time! We read the vibe of the room and choose the perfect dance games to finish the party on a high. Freestyle circle, dance battle, choreography workshop, breakdance performance. Every child will get a sticker… every sticker wins a prize.

  • SHOW TIME, we lead the kids in a final performance of their mastered routine. Invite the other parents back a little early to watch the show and see their amazed faces. Always a real WOW moment.

  • The party might have ended but we leave you with a great atmosphere, a happy birthday child and some pretty awesome memories.


Popup Picnic

Our low level picnic tables are great for the kids to sit round for their food and drinks

All table wear provided and styled for the theme of the party.


Bell tent

Bell Tents are very popular this season and a perfect place for the kids to hang out after the entertainment! 

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